In order to have your tax return prepared you have the choice of booking of either booking an appointment time by following the steps outlined, or if more convenient, you may wish to just send through your information via email and secure file transfer without the need for an appointment as outlined in our checklist which can be downloaded as part of Step 1.
If you are new to our service, would prefer to meet personally, or would like us to assist or go through and complete any or all of the checklist items for you, we strongly recommend you book an appointment time to meet with us rather than choosing the option to just send in your information to us. 
Your appointment will occur at your selected time via telephone or our Zoom or other internet meeting service according your preference.
Step 1 - Prepare Tax Return Checklist Items
Click Here to download our Tax Return Checklist.
Our tax return checklist is provided as guidance to help ensure you have prepared and will be able to provide the most relevant and important information we need to lodge your return.
Preparing and providing us with as many of the items and information requested on the checklist as possible, will allow us to provide you with the most tailored advice and assistance in your personal circumstances, and thus achieve and best possible tax outcome for you.
If you have not already prepared the checklist items BEFORE making your booking, you should ensure you book in a time which allows you to prepare and provide as much of the checklist items as possible.
Unsure about any Checklist items?
If you would like our assistance in preparing any or all of the checklist items, or if any of the checklist items are unclear, we will explain and provide full guidance on any of the checklist items or calculations at the time of your appointment, or via email should you be making the selection to send in your information without making an appointment.
Step 2 - Book in your appointment time
Once you have reviewed and completed the Checklist procedures at Step 1 you are now ready to book in your appointment time. To book your appointment:
1. Select your Time Zone
2. Select your preferred date and time
3. For after hours, weekends and alternative times not listed can be arranged by calling us on 1300 332 829.
4. You have the choice of having your appointment via telephone or our Zoom internet meeting service.
Payment of $99.00 Service Deposit. If you have not already paid your $99.00 annual service deposit, an invoice for this amount will be issued separately after making your booking for payment within 7 days, or at the time your appointment, whichever occurs first. Payment of the invoice, or arrangements to make payment, is required to confirm your booking.


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