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New Service - Day Care Claim % Consultation

July 18, 2016


We have consulted and written to the Australian Taxation Office as well as professional tax associations to come up with the correct interpretation of the tax law and how it applies to Family Day Care in relation to the most common family day care expenses including:

  • Mortgage Rates, Rent and Council Rates

  • Telephone, Internet and Paid TV subscriptions

  • Motor Vehicles

  • Electricity

  • Water Rates

  • Household Repairs

  • Laundry


As well as many other types of expenses.



Based upon the information we received from the Australian Taxation office and professional associations we have developed some calculators and tools which educators can use to correctly determine their day care claim percentages.


This service includes:


  1. A personal telephone consultation with our in-house family day care specialist to assist in your specific circumstances.

  2. Access to checklists, tools and information to correctly calculate your claim percentages

  3. A detailed report which outlines your calculated percentages. 


What is the cost of the service?