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FDC Tax Return Appointment and Checklists

Trying to answer the following questions without the right tools and information could potentially cost you thousands of dollars at tax time:

  • What expenses can I claim as a Family Day Care Educator?

  • How much of my home, mobile phone, internet, equipment, furniture, and other costs can I claim?

  • How do I record and provide my income and expense information?

To help you with answering these questions and to lodge your tax return we offer Educators two main tools to help get you started. One is a Tax Return Appointment, and the second is our FDC Tax 2022 Tax Return Checklist.

Tax Return Appointment

Booking an appointment allows us to personally assist you by going through your prepared information/checklist, answering any questions, and providing any additional tips, or guidance on correctly claiming and calculating your deductions.

If you need an after-hours appointment, or another time which is not available for selection, please contact us and we can organise a tailored time that suits you.

2022 Tax Return Checklist (Appointment Optional)

If you would like to get started in preparing and providing your information you can use our Basic Checklist or Microsoft Excel Checklist with Workbook.

Our Basic Checklist is simply a PDF checklist of information we require, as well as links and emails you can use to upload or send your information directly to us.

Our new Microsoft Excel Checklist with Workbook provides you with a user-friendly excel based checklist for entering your information, plus it doubles as a tool to enter your income, expense and FDC usage as required.

You have the option to use these two tools as you like. You may choose to book a tax return appointment and we work through your information together. Experienced Educators sometimes prefer to simply send through the completed checklist. If you are not confident in filling out the checklist we recommend just doing as much as you can, and booking an appointment is the best way to go. We look forward to hearing from you.


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